Industrial Painting and Protective Coatings

Manufacturing and logistics facilities, electronics clean rooms, power and utility companies, storage tanks — we’ve painted it all and can successfully meet your stringent engineering standards and requirements.

Connor Fine Painting understands that your industrial painting project not only requires painting professionals with a specialty skill set but also products designed for your unique needs. That’s why we offer a complete range of industrial paint services that will add life to your time-worn machinery, storage, or workspace. We offer a wide array of specialty industrial paints from corrosion control coatings to steel structural paints.

When you hire Connor’s Industrial Painting Specialists You Can Expect:

  • Proven experts with experience in your industrial environment
  • Professional paint and protective coating specialists with ongoing technical training in surface prep and coatings application
  • A certified safety industrial painting contractor with demonstrated commitment to workplace and workforce safety
  • An engineered approach to determining the protective coating system solution that’s right for your project
  • Precision. Quality. Efficiency. Best Value. And a minimum 3-year warranty
  • Commitment to an environmentally friendly job site

Learn more about working with us and the principles that guide Connor Fine Painting. Or simply contact us today.