A culture that strengthens us.

There’s nothing too complicated at work here.

At Connor Fine Painting, we believe that doing exceptional work is its own reward, and that hiring great people and believing in them is the best way to manage a painting company. We treat everyone with fairness and respect—our employees, our clients, and the other companies we encounter on a project. We like to keep our doors open during meetings. It’s all part of the our culture here at CFP.

Indianapolis Painting Jobs

CFP strives every day to live up to being Central Indiana’s premier painting contractor – and we’re always looking for great people to join our team. It’s important to us and our clients that our employees can be trusted. So we only use Connor-hired and Connor-trained team members. No part-time subcontractors. No day laborers. So, if you’re a good person or painter looking for a career with a great company, Connor Fine Painting is interested in you.

Call 317.423.0000 ext. 6 to learn more about careers at Connor Fine Painting.