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Fishers Junior High School

A+ for Maintenance Painting

It’s back to school for the kiddos and the last thing they are thinking about is painting. Well maybe in art class — not on the walls, windows, doors, brick, equipment etc. But, you can…
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Elegance Meets Safety on Indy Rooftop Coating

It is a great asset in life to see beauty in all things. And when beauty, elegance and safety converge on a Connor rooftop coating project — well — be still my heart. The metal…
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Connor Wins MICCS Safety Award

The Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS) presented its annual safety awards on April 30, 2015. Connor Fine Painting won a prestigious Zero Injury Award for completing 62,935 labor hours without injury. Wait a minute. Take that…
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Indy Hi-Tech Manufacturer Recognizes Travis Jenkins, Sr.

At Connor Fine Painting (CFP) project managers and co-workers use words like positive, energetic, cooperative, and willing to help to describe Travis Jenkins. It seems that one of Indy’s largest innovators in hi-tech manufacturing agrees….
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Spotlight on Residential and Commercial Painter Kent Smith

Local Painting Legend Kent Smith Put’s the “Fine” in Connor Fine Painting

How many people do you know who can seamlessly duplicate an existing pickled-oak finish with a multi-toned speckling pattern? That’s what we thought. Fine painting and finishing work requires a keen eye, a steady hand…
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Local Indianapolis Commercial Painting Contractor, Connor Fine Painting , Sharing the Dream

Indianapolis Painting Contractor “Sharing the Dream”

Since 2009, Citizens Energy Group and its employees have joined forces with local Indy partner companies for their annual Sharing the Dream event to refurbish an Indianapolis Parks Department facility. Sharing the Dream is designed…
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Professional Painters Put Employee Safety First

Safety will always come first on your job no matter if it is a residential, industrial commercial painting project. Connor Fine Painting is pleased to be recognized by the Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS) as…
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